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About Me

Hello there! I’m Carla Vaughan, and I’m the BadAss Problem Solver. A BadAss Problem Solver is a master at problem solving. I live to help people and brands create the forward movement they wish to see. I believe that every person should do something that speaks to their soul, and coaching speaks to mine.

Growing up, I always knew that I was meant to help others. 23 years ago, a friend performed a tarot card reading and told me that I should be a life coach. It was like a light bulb instantly came on, and everything made sense for the first time. I had spent my entire life helping people and companies get unstuck in various ways. Whether it was a successful entrepreneur, an aspiring musician, someone struggling with life, or a growing organization, I was able to help them identify the problem and devise a plan to help them fix the damn thing.

In 2021, I experienced my own set of challenges. I contracted Guiliiane-Barre Syndrome after taking the COVID-19 Vaccine. I lost the use of my legs, hands, and voice for several months. It was one of the most crippling experiences of my life, in every possible way, but also the most liberating. As the healers worked to fix me, I went through my internal journey of self-healing. I rediscovered a deeper passion and appreciation for the work I do. 

I get so excited when my clients have that “a-ha” moment. Seeing that heaviness leave their body or voice gives me so much joy. My methods have helped individuals, leadership teams, and businesses identify their problems and create realistic solutions to their deepest challenges, and I would like others to experience that as well. 



I coach from a place of experience, instinct, intuition, & joy  and will know if we are a good fit for each other. It ultimately has to feel like a win-win for everyone involved. 



○ Stagnation 

○ Low Self-Worth 

○ Negative Feedback Loop 

○ Manifestation of the Wrong Things 

○ Tiredness and Exhaustion

○ Mental Fatigue and Burnout 

○ Easily Distracted 

○ Inability to Identify Roadblocks 



○ Lack of Staffing

○ Improved Employee Performance

○ Low Revenue Streams

○ Higher Payouts

○ Bidding

○ General Operations Solutions


Tara Neshta-Singleton

"Carla not only has helped to change my life, Carla has literally been instrumental in saving my life. I was alive but not living. My soul was literally dying when I met Carla. I was a very broken soul. There is no way to thank her for all she has done for me. And there is no way to completely thank her for how she has impacted and continues to impact my life. I definitely recommend Carla for life coaching. And I am blessed beyond words to have met her. Thank you to the Universe and to God for bringing Carla into my life. And most of all, thank you Carla."
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